about us

私たちは日本国 東京,銀座に本部を置き、日本を中心に世界の在住邦人の生活において生じる様々な問題解決のお手伝いをする海外に特化した調査・コンサルティングサービスを提供します。





We are headquartered in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan and offer overseas specialized research and consulting services to help solve various problems arising in the lives of living Japanese living in the world, mainly in Japan.

For Japanese companies entering overseas, it is necessary to gather various information such as calculation of recurring expenses from the local situation (security), market, human, local company’s personnel expenses.

In addition, the problem from overseas expansion is also very important. There are more situations that can not be grasped in Japan, such as creditworthiness, adhesion, embezzlement of overseas trading partners, and if they are left unknown without leaving them, a huge loss will occur, but in some cases it will be driven into single bankruptcy, chain collapse It becomes a thing.

We are collaborating with local Japanese law firms, consulting companies, research companies, etc. and are the only research agencies that provide high quality search services.